Electric Powered Stair Lifts

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    Zenith Electric Powered Stair Lift

    Imagine easily going upstairs to your sewing room. Imagine heading down to your basement workshop. Imagine living with increased mobility and safety. With Mobile Ramps and Lifts Zenith stairlift, you're free to enjoy your entire home again.

    The Zenith Electric Powered Stairlift at a Glance:

    - 350-pound weight capacity
    - Motor and gears tested for 30,000 cycles (16 years)
    - 24 volt Class 2 grounded controls throughout

    Comfortable and Easy to Use. With a movable footrest and a deluxe backrest and seat with thicker padding, this stairlift offers unmatched comfort. The 180-degree swivel seat lets you get on and off effortlessly at top and bottom landings. Once you're seated, just push the control button and let the high-tech nylon wheels provide a smooth ride—every time.

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    Exclusive Outdoor Stair Lift

    Enjoy access to your outdoor spaces with the Mobile Ramps and Lifts Exclusive Outdoor Stair Lift, which has been specially upgraded to withstand the elements. All electrical components are protected and the lift comes with a durable cover that will keep the seat clean and dry.