Stair Lift FAQs

How hard is a stair lift to install?

Mobile Ramps and Lifts stair lifts are designed for homeowner installation. It normally takes 2-4 hours for the installation. If desired, you may contract with us to install the stair lift for $575 in most cases. Installations on concrete, tile, or steel stair cases are a little more.

What kind of warranty do Mobile Ramps and Lifts stair lifts come with?

The Mobile Ramps and Lifts AC comes with 5 year parts warranty and a 10 year warranty on the drive train. We are so confident of the quality of this stair lift that we provide the best warranty in the industry. The DC features the same warranty except for the battery which is covered for one year of normal use. Warranties for our heavy duty, reconditioned, and used stair lifts are listed on their respective product pages.

How much room is required to install a stair lift?

We have several different stair lift options.  Our most popular and most streamlined is our Apex Stair Lift.  The track on our Apex Stair Lift only takes up 11.5 inches of your staircase when folded up.  When the stair lift is in use only 14 inches of space.  We have other units that take up slightly more space; our HD units seats do not fold. If your staircase is less than 36 inches wide, it is recommended that you sit the user in a chair that is up against a wall, and measure the distance from the wall to the user's knees. Once this information is forwarded to us we can assist you with determining if you have enough room to use your stair lift. Find out how to measure for stair lifts.

How much weight is the stair lift capable of carrying?

Most Mobile Ramps and Lifts stair lifts have a lifting capacity of 350 lbs. The Mobile Ramps and Lifts Heavy Duty Stair Lift has a 500 lb. weight capacity. Each stair lift is designed for use by one person at a time.

How much will it cost to maintain the stair lift and have it serviced?

The Mobile Ramps and Lifts stair lift needs very little maintenance - just a light greasing of the track every 6 months will keep it running smoothly.

Are Mobile Ramps and Lifts stair lifts safe?

Mobile Ramps and Lifts stair lifts comply with standards and codes established by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Intertek (ETL), and the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

    Safety features included with every Mobile Ramps and Lifts stair lift:
  • Footrest safety sensor to stop the stair lift should it strike anything on the stairway.
  • Swivel safety switch to insure that the stair lift seat is in the proper position before lifting.
  • Safety belt attached to seat for occupant safety.
  • Cable tension safe guards insure that the lift will stop if the cable loses tension.
  • Limit switches shut the stair lift off in the same place at the top and bottom of stairs automatically.
  • Pressure controls make sure that the stair lift stops motion as soon as the controls are released.

Can disabled U.S. veterans receive monetary assistance from the government towards the purchase of a stair lift or other mobility device?

In many cases, yes. The Department of Veterans Affairs does offer cash grants to some veterans for mobility devices. For additional information on this topic, please click here.