“Our main purpose for our purchase was for or sister-in-law who comes to visit us for a month each year and cannot do the stairs; they had to stay in a hotel on their last visit.  We are very happy with the stairlift and happy with the service and plan to use the stair lift more frequently as we get older.”

Al M.


“I have terrible arthritis and I need new hips and knees.  I have a whole bedroom, bathroom and studio upstairs that I was not going to be able to use.  The stairlift enabled me to stay in my home.  It works wonderful and I certainly recommend it to anyone.  The service was great and I am so happy with my decision to buy the stairlift.”

Barbara E. 


 “We purchased a stairlift for my sister who cannot do stairs.  It enabled her to stay in her home.  My husband installed it and we’re really happy with it.  We would recommend it to anyone in the future.”

Vicki A.


"Thanks for all your kind attention, you are the best."

Norm W.


"Just a note to tell you the lift installed without a hitch. Thank you so much for your help. I do have one comment on the installation. I wish the instructions had called for a 2.5 in gap from the rail to the wall instead of 2 in. I went out to 2 1/8 anyway and still the chair rubs up against the wall when swiveling. At some point I expect that won't be good for the chair but not today's worry. Not easy to change at this point. That also makes it tough to reach the bolts that face the wall for adjustment. Other than that the instructions were good and it only took me about 4 hours from box to lifting."

Charles K.


We are so very happy with our stair lift. It arrived fast and was soooo easy to install. Everything is perfect about it. Easy to use and maintain. Thank you for making my life a pleasure again. I can't say enough good about it. I would recommend it to all my friends. As a matter of fact I have.

Greg B.


"We did want to let you know just how much we have enjoyed using the stair lift.  My husband at the present time is having lots of back and leg pain and would not be able to climb the stairs if he had to. Even our cats enjoy riding up and down. Thanks so much for your time and help getting us here!"

Mary J.


"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for our new stair lift. The product arrived via FedEx on Thursday and was installed on Friday morning. We have been using the lift all weekend and it works flawlessly... and the price was right... Thank you again for the first-class service!

The J. family


I received the stair lift I ordered and I installed it myself over the weekend. My wife who has M.S. was having a terrible time of getting up and down the stairs to the basement where our living room and den is located. It was wonderful to be able to ride up and down. She now has access to the whole house. We were actually thinking about having to sell the house we have lived in for thirty years and trying to find something with a single level.

Billy M.


I just wanted to send an e-mail expressing my incredible satisfaction with the Stair lift. The instructions, packaging and bill of materials were all in perfect condition and well laid out. The entire installation process took a little over 2 hours and was simple and painless. It's great to see when a company provides a superior product at a reasonable price point.

Bil D.


Hi. Well the 3 [stair lift] boxes came packed very well. The measurement sheet came out perfect with your help. Your larger brackets did the trick. When we saw the instruction sheet I said, "o boy". Step by step it came out great. "Very easy to read", my son said. We didn't break any records... took our time. The stair lift works perfect.

Bill N.


Received my 2 stair lifts on Monday and installed them both on Wednesday. They work great! My wife is excited about her accessibility to our 2nd floor.

Don A.


I received the two stair lifts last week. I got both stair lifts installed without difficulty. My wife now has a way to utilize both stories of our home without selling our home to buy a single level home. These lifts will make life much easier for both of us. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone looking for a way to make a two story home accessible to a handicapped member of their household. Thanks for the fast delivery.

A. C.


We are very happy with the great quality of the stair lift. The stair lift was very easy to install and the support from your company was outstanding. The stair lift has greatly reduced the stress of climbing stairs and made mobility easier. Thank you

Rodney F.


Our stairlift just arrived this morning and my brother already has it installed and running. Love it!

Jane W.


I don't often complement merchants on their goods as I have high expectations. In this case, your stairlift exceeds all of our expectations. It arrived on schedule, was easy to install, and works perfectly.  Keep up the good work.

Rob C.


I just wanted to write and tell you how pleased with are with the stairlift. My son and I installed it Saturday in about 4 hours with him doing the "grunt" work while I enjoyed my coffee and read the instructions. We were frankly surprised and very pleased to have received such a well-engineered, high quality product. It is, perhaps, a sad commentary on the times but we have come to expect less and usually get what we expect. This was not the case with this stairlift; the materials and workmanship were up to the highest standards. I thank-you for such a great machine and my wife doubles my thanks because she no longer has to make the exhausting climb to our 2nd floor bedroom.

Henry J.


We just wanted to give you an update. Lift arrived complete and undamaged. I installed on Monday Memorial Day in about four hours and is in use currently. Thank You for making our purchase trouble free and user friendly.

Alexis S.


Just wanted to let you know the chair arrived safely, and it has been installed, (easily, I might add). My 91 year old mother is using the chair now to get up and down our stairway. Thank you very much, just wanted you to know we are very satisfied with your product.

Connie W.