Mobile Ramps Stair Lift Drive Trains

Mobile Ramps Stairlifts utilize cable drive and rack and pinion drive train systems.  Both of these systems create a safe, quiet, and durable drive train that will keep your stair lift operational for years to come.  They are built using the best quality components manufactured in the Unites States.  Cable Drive Some Mobile Ramps Stairlifts operate using a state-of-the-art cable drive system. Our lift has been designed so the cable does not move, never needs lubrication, and does not rub against itself, resulting in a safe, quiet, and maintenance free drive train.  The gearbox is sealed and filled with grease instead of traditional gear oil, which means there is no chance of leaking or spillage.  The aluminum casting design allows for a light weight drive that produces maximum power.  In addition, we use steel aircraft cable with a breaking strength of 4200 lbs, eliminating safety and capacity issues. Rack and Pinion Mobile Ramps also offers stairlifts that rely on a rack and pinion drive train.  This system creates a smooth, quiet ride and requires little to no maintenance using a gear and teeth mechanism to propel the chair up and down your stairs.  It also offers the option of choosing your own travel spend and the smooth gear system allows for soft starts and stops.  The rack and pinion system is the most popular among manufacturers today.    Both systems are designed to sure your safety and guarantee that your stair lift is operational when you need it most.  No matter which stair lift or drive train system you choose, you are sure to enjoy the freedom your Mobile Ramps stairlift has to offer.            Contact Mobile Ramps today for more information on how to purchase new and used stair lifts.