• stair lifts
    Apex Stair Lift

    While the Apex Stair Lift offers an impressive 350 pound weight capacity, it takes up less than a foot of space on your staircase; the slimmest and most light-weight stair lift on the market, it folds to take just 11” of staircase width. The track mounts directly to the stairs for maximum stability and the padded seat and armrests will provide a comfortable ride. It also comes with the nation's best warranty!

  • stair lifts
    Regal Curved Stair Lift

    A completely customizable stair lift that will adapt to your unique staircase, whether it is a 90-degree, 180-degree, spiral, or a staircase with multiple landings! Available in several different seat colors and backed by a great warranty!

  • stair lifts
    Regal Curved Stair Lift HD

    The Mobile Ramps and Lifts Regal HD has a greater weight capacity of 352 pounds and will fit seamlessly into your home as if it is just another piece of furniture.

    Comes with the best warranty in the business!

  • stair lifts
    Zenith Electric Powered Stair Lift

    Imagine easily going upstairs to your sewing room. Imagine heading down to your basement workshop. Imagine living with increased mobility and safety. With Mobile Ramps and Lifts Zenith stairlift, you're free to enjoy your entire home again.

    The Zenith Electric Powered Stairlift at a Glance:

    - 350-pound weight capacity
    - Motor and gears tested for 30,000 cycles (16 years)
    - 24 volt Class 2 grounded controls throughout

    Comfortable and Easy to Use. With a movable footrest and a deluxe backrest and seat with thicker padding, this stairlift offers unmatched comfort. The 180-degree swivel seat lets you get on and off effortlessly at top and bottom landings. Once you're seated, just push the control button and let the high-tech nylon wheels provide a smooth ride—every time.

  • Premium Bath Lift
    Premium Bath Lift
    • 375 lb. capacity
    • Large seat
    • Automatic recline
    • Fold down seat
    • Quick disassembly
  • Mobility Scooter
    Traveler Travel Scooter

    Get a lightweight frame, take-apart-for-transport convenience, and even a front basket all for a price that is lower than you'll see anywhere else. With this sporty model, you can get back to enjoying all your favorite activities and stay on the go.

  • outdoor stair lifts
    Exclusive Outdoor Stair Lift

    Enjoy access to your outdoor spaces with the Mobile Ramps and Lifts Exclusive Outdoor Stair Lift, which has been specially upgraded to withstand the elements. All electrical components are protected and the lift comes with a durable cover that will keep the seat clean and dry.

  • automatic stairlifts
    Heavy Duty Stair Lift

    Mobile Ramps and Lifts Heavy Duty Stair Lift features the comfort of an extra wide seat and a 500-pound lifting capacity. It is easy to install and will help you safely travel up and down stairs without assistance. Increase your independence and gain limitless access to all levels of your home.

  • automatic stairlifts
    Stair Lift Battery

    When it comes time to replace the batteries in your Mobile Ramps and Lifts Battery Powered Stair Lift or Ultra Stair Lift, we've got you covered. These stair lift batteries are sealed and maintenance free. They’re also designed to install easily and last for years.

  • Mobility Scooter
    Traveler Companion Vehicle Lift / Scooter Package

    Purchase the Mobile Ramps and Lifts Traveler Companion Vehicle Lift / Scooter Lift Package today and instantly increase your freedom and mobility for an incredible value!

    The Traveler Travel Scooter is a compact mobility scooter that is both powerful and lightweight. It comes with a 275 pound weight capacity, long-lasting batteries, and an innovative design that makes it easy to maneuver in small spaces. This popular scooter can allow you to run errands, visit family and friends, and enjoy an active lifestyle. In addition, the Traveler is the perfect fit for the Mobile Ramps and Lifts Traveler Companion Vehicle Lift!

    Separately, each of these mobility devices represents an unbeatable value, yet when combined, they offer even more savings and versatility. The Mobile Ramps and Lifts Traveler Companion Vehicle Lift is the ultimate in lightweight and compact wheelchair lifts. This versatile model can fit any vehicle from compact cars to trucks and vans. It can accommodate a class I, II, or II trailer hitch and features a streamlined design that allows for maximum visibility out of the rear window.

    With the Mobile Ramps and Lifts Traveler Companion Vehicle Lift you do not have to worry about installing a clunky lift that will obstruct your view and make an unsightly addition to your vehicle. Enjoy the simple design of this powerful and easy to operate lift.

    Save money and get all the mobility tools you need at once when you take advantage of this unbeatable package deal. Call us to speak with an expert and improve your mobility today!