Regal Curved Stair Lift


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The new Mobile Ramps and Lifts Regal Curved Stair Lift can be custom designed to fit virtually any type of staircase. Now, all multi-level home owners can make their stairs handicap accessible without the use of elevators or vertical platform lifts. Whether you have multiple landings, a spiral staircase, 90-degree corners, 180-degree turns, or any other design challenges, we can craft the perfect solution to address your specific needs.

The Regal Curved Stair Lift comes with a 264 lb. weight capacity and is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible and blend with your home just like any other piece of furniture. When you're not using your stairlift, the seat and footrest can be either manually or electronically folded up and out of the way, leaving plenty of room for guests and other members of your household to use the stairs as they normally would.

Users will enjoy the comfort of the ergonomically designed padded seat cushion and the twin rail mechanical leveling system provides a steady and gentle ride up, down, and around the corners of your staircase.

At Mobile Ramps and Lifts, safety is always a number one priority, so the Regal comes with a retractable seat belt, pressure sensitive carriage and footrest, as well as a swivel seat that makes sitting and standing up from the lift easy. There are also a number of sensors to detect any obstructions that might pose a safety hazard.

Mobile Ramps and Lifts stair lifts are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and the Regal Curved Stair Lift is no exception. We are very excited to bring one of the first curved stair lifts to the online marketplace and we know that you will love having this amazing stair lift in your home.

At Mobile Ramps and Lifts, we understand that some of our customers are on a tight budget and may be looking for ways to save money. That is why we also offer the Mobile Ramps and Lifts Regal Curved Stair Lift -Demo model, which will look and operate like new while costing you less. To learn more about your options and order your Regal stairlift, contact one of our stair lift experts today.


Measurement and Installation

Drive Type 350W Rack and Pinion Drive
Battery Powered Yes
Self Installable No
Basic Installation Included Yes
Swivel Seat Yes
Swivel Seat Rotation Top Only
Standard Capacity 264 lb
Max Track Length, Standard 19'
Constant Pressure Controls Yes
Footrest Safety Sensor Yes
Track Material Twin Tube Steel Rail
Seat Width 17.7"
Flip-Up Seat Yes
Flip-Up Armrests Yes
Unit Footprint, In Use 25.6"
Unit Footprint, Parked 14.3"
Call Stations Included Yes - Wireless
Digital Diagnostics Display Yes
Seat Color: 
Seat Style: 
stair lifts
Ergo Plus
stair lifts
Control Location: 
Left Side
Right Side
Optional Seat Features: 
Wireless Radio Call/Send Remote
Turn Style: 
90° Flat Turn
90° Spiral Turn
90° Large Radius turn
Top Landing Options: 
Top Landing Title: 
Standard Top Landing
Top Landing Image: 
Heavy Duty Upgrade: 
Standard Platinum Stair Lift
Bottom Landing Options: 
B Landin: 
Standard Bottom Landing
B Landing Image: